Whether you are driving a Chevrolet or another make, winter tires provide the best cold weather performance below 7 Degrees Celsius. Winter tires provide better safety and control for all vehicles. Cars, SUVs, pick-ups and light trucks.As a resident of Yarmouth or Barrington, we are all familiar with how bad driving conditions can get in the winter and these winter conditions can easily impact your vehicle?s performance. Although sometimes we do not get as much snow as in other areas of the province, cold weather tires are designed to stay soft in cold temperatures for a superior grip on the road or on snow and ice. Cold weather/winter tires will ultimately improve your vehicles winter performance by helping push snow and slush away for enhanced winter traction on those snowy days.At Murray GM, we carry a wide variety of winter tires to fit all makes and models. We carry all the major brands and can provide installation, balancing and can even provide you with an alternate set of steel or alloy rims so you can change your tires quickly and easily each season. Have a tire pressure monitor? Don?t worry, as we can also provide an alternate set of sensors! We also provide on site storage of your all season tires, free of charge.Just ask one of our service advisers when you pull into our Certified Service Drive Thru or call our parts department for more information, pricing and any other promotional details.

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