Introducing Shop at Home. A contactless way to make your buying experience as safe as possible at Little Chevrolet. The process is easy.

Step 1:

Pick the vehicle you are most interested in

Step 2:

Click on the Shop at Home button or banner

Step 3:

Choose how you want to interact with us. Whether it's a video chat or at home test drive, we are here to help!

How Does It Work?

Speak to a Product Expert
    Call, Text, or Video Chat with Our Product Experts! We are here to assist you with any of your vehicle questions and concerns.
Get a Vehicle Walkthrough
    Want a complete walkthrough of this vehicle from the comfort and safety of your home? No problem! We can email you a personally recorded walkthrough or show you the vehicle in real-time via video chat.
Review Payment Options
    Review payment options such as finance or lease and discuss all discounts that may be available to you. We can do this over phone, text, or video, it's up to you.
Schedule a Contactless Test Drive
    Contactless test drives are available at your home or as a drive-thru option at our dealership.

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